What charity events take place in Canada?

The best part of the charity events in Canada is that they are supported by the people from all walks of life. The charity event is a great way to make sure that funds are raised for the cause. The management of such events is done by organizations which are known for such causes. The struggle of these organizations makes sure that needy section of the society is helped in every possible way. There are many issues which are faced by the society and these charity events make sure that these are highlighted. For any class of people, these charity events are highly advised to take part in.

1. End Drunk Driving

It is a highly organized walk that spans a distance of 5km. There are 25 locations in Canada which are active during the course of this walk. The charity event is organized to make sure that the mothers that are against the drunk driving are supported completely. Posters and flyers are distributed all over Canada to create awareness. This charity event also shares the stories of the ones killed or injured by such drunk drivers. It is highly advised to participate in this charity event to end this menace of the society.

2. Ending Ultra Poverty Summit

This is a charity event that focuses not only Canada but to end the poverty all over the world. The people of the organization organize events in all parts of the world to raise funds to end poverty. The best part of this organization is the fact that it has all the manpower which is needed to get the work done. These charity events are highly organized and for Canada, the tickets start at 100CAD. The tools and the tricks which are required to eliminate the problem are also discussed. The event also invites the UN representatives who give ideas for poverty elimination completely.

3. Run for Palestine

The tickets range from $10 – 45 and as the name suggests all the funds go to the poor Palestinians constantly bombarded by the Israeli fighters. The organization makes sure that all the humanitarian projects are carried out to support the cause. There are two routes to the race. One is 5km and the second one is recently introduced i.e. 10km. The more a person runs more funds are generated to support the cause. Run for Palestine will be held in August 2018 and the ticket includes a food voucher, jersey as well as timing chip. All the trails of the run also support special equipment needed by the disabled.

4. Autism Ontario

Autism Ontario

It is a highly welcomed event in Canada which makes sure that you get the best entertainment and at the same also collect the funds for the autism patients in Ontario. The event management is huge and therefore it is highly regarded by the people that participate. It is a musical event where the participants can show their skills about the drum, piano, and vocals though there are many other stations as well. The event is highly organized and advised to the people supporting autism elimination.