Social injustice and poverty eradication

There are many social justice and poverty organizations all over the globe. These organizations make sure that the people contacting them are given the best opportunities so that the gap could be eliminated. Not all parts of the society face such issues so there is definitely a difference. Even the advanced societies of the West face this dilemma let alone third world countries. The organizations make sure that the underprivileged sections of the society get a sense of hope. For this, they take every possible measure to curb the social injustice and poverty in every possible manner. Some organizations with global reach determined to eliminate poverty completely are:

Charity Village

There are many subsidiary organizations which are working in close connection with this one. The main aim is to make sure that every disadvantaged sector of society is supported. From home construction in West Africa to poverty elimination in the Central African Republic the organization has worked very well in close connection with the links it has. The best part is that there is a 24/7 support provided by the organization and the people linked are spread all over the world. It also provides the legal support which is needed by such people in all parts of the world. In fact, many entertaining establishments support charity funds.

Center for Social Justice

Another organization with global reach makes sure that the people get the minimum standard of living they deserve. Narrowing the gap of wealth and prosperity is the main aim of this awesome organization. The best part of this organization is that it researches the overall means that are necessary to bring social justice in the world economy. Peace and prosperity are other factors which are emphasized. Created in 1997 this organization has worked in the best manner to eliminate the social issues that have caused problems for many.


Based in Canada ACORN has led many to change their lives for good. For low and moderate Canadian families this organization was a boon and therefore it had national support. With joint efforts and resource pooling, this organization aimed to eliminate the poverty and social injustice in a manner that an active work stream is created for disadvantaged. ACORN is respected by every other reputed organization for its work that had been done to get involved in community welfare. Making country strong by indulging the poverty-hit sections is another aim of the society for which it had been working rigorously.

Against Hunger

This society works in a manner that people get used to their support. Tens of thousands have been supported by this stunning organization and it has been working since then to leave a mark very positively. Restaurants and hotels from all over the world join hands with this organization to eliminate hunger in every possible manner. Feature dishes are offered and $ 1 is donated per dish to the organization. With a huge staff of 7000 and reach over 6 continents the organization plans on making the world a hunger-free place.