What charity events take place in Canada?

The best part of the charity events in Canada is that they are supported by the people from all walks of life. The charity event is a great way to make sure that funds are raised for the cause. The management of such events is done by organizations which are known for such causes. The struggle of these organizations makes sure that needy section of the society is helped in every possible way. There are many issues which are faced by the society and these charity events make sure that these are highlighted. For any class of people, these charity events are highly advised to take part in.

1. End Drunk Driving

It is a highly organized walk that spans a distance of 5km. There are 25 locations in Canada which are active during the course of this walk. The charity event is organized to make sure that the mothers that are against the drunk driving are supported completely. Posters and flyers are distributed all over Canada to create awareness. This charity event also shares the stories of the ones killed or injured by such drunk drivers. It is highly advised to participate in this charity event to end this menace of the society.

2. Ending Ultra Poverty Summit

This is a charity event that focuses not only Canada but to end the poverty all over the world. The people of the organization organize events in all parts of the world to raise funds to end poverty. The best part of this organization is the fact that it has all the manpower which is needed to get the work done. These charity events are highly organized and for Canada, the tickets start at 100CAD. The tools and the tricks which are required to eliminate the problem are also discussed. The event also invites the UN representatives who give ideas for poverty elimination completely.

3. Run for Palestine

The tickets range from $10 – 45 and as the name suggests all the funds go to the poor Palestinians constantly bombarded by the Israeli fighters. The organization makes sure that all the humanitarian projects are carried out to support the cause. There are two routes to the race. One is 5km and the second one is recently introduced i.e. 10km. The more a person runs more funds are generated to support the cause. Run for Palestine will be held in August 2018 and the ticket includes a food voucher, jersey as well as timing chip. All the trails of the run also support special equipment needed by the disabled.

4. Autism Ontario

It is a highly welcomed event in Canada which makes sure that you get the best entertainment and at the same also collect the funds for the autism patients in Ontario. The event management is huge and therefore it is highly regarded by the people that participate. It is a musical event where the participants can show their skills about the drum, piano, and vocals though there are many other stations as well. The event is highly organized and advised to the people supporting autism elimination.

Corporate Social Initiatives That Businesses Can Use

Businesses within Canada and worldwide have four main responsibilities: legal, economic, ethical and philanthropic. One might expect companies to do their part to contribute to society yet, with reference to past events, they have placed greater value on their economic responsibilities. The good news is that things have changed. More and more businesses are incorporating social responsibility as part of their daily business routines, recognizing how important it is to their customers. It cannot go unnoticed that current Canadian business becomes online-oriented.  Particularly it includes entertainment industry. In this case you can step back from work and give a look on one of the credible sources like ValleyGames selection point, which provides a wide range of best online casino in Canada.

Companies have understood that they can flourish in Canada by creating products and campaigns that influence many of the individuals within society. The ways in which companies achieve monetary success as a result of having a benevolent disposition can be placed in a particular class. Here is a brief description of the main kinds of collaborative public initiatives in Canada.

Cause Marketing

It implies using funds, non-monetary donations, as well as other business resources to raise awareness or consciousness level in the broader community for a social cause. It also sustains gathering voluntary contributions, participating or recruiting volunteers for a cause. Cause promotions are must-haves in every company’s toolkit.

Marketing That Addresses the Social Issues of the Day

This is a beneficial collaboration between a corporation and a non-profit (charity), involving activities like co-branded partnerships or promotional offers. The corporate money that is spending is regarded as an expense and it is expected to show a return.

While the non-profit benefits from having the logo displayed everywhere, the consumer brand is strengthened thanks to the link with the cause. A well-conceived and well-executed campaign can improve the way people a company. Consumers want more than quality products and services. They want to see businesses embrace their social responsibilities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility implies using business resources to create behaviour change campaigns aimed to determine ordinary people and those in positions of authority to change the way they act. Whether it is about improving public health or saving energy, people can be difficult to convince. Fortunately, applying techniques of behavioral psychology leads to big changes. Corporate social marketing basically frames problems in a way that resonates with a business’ audience.

Corporate Giving

It refers to giving profits and resources to community and specific organizations. The contribution is made directly to the charity it has many benefits from a public relations standpoint, so it justifies the expense. The monetary contribution is represented by donations, subsidies, and payment in kind.

Employee Social Impact

Employee engagement is all about the role played by staff members in corporate social initiatives. They are involved from the very beginning with non-profit organizations and causes, offering their know-how, ideas, and manual labor. The result is that things feel less like an obligation.

Discretionary Business Practices in an Ethical Framework

These are practices that a corporation adopts to make positive contributions to a cause. The objective involves improving welfare of the greater community and/or protecting the environment. Socially responsible activities have a transcendental nature, meaning that future generations benefit as well. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that they are not commanded by laws or public authorities.

The Helping Hand – The Top Social Initiatives in Canada

No matter which corner of the world you are born in, it is the responsibility of every human to extend a helping hand when they see a person in need. Even if all of us cannot do the same thing, it is possible for all of us to help in some small way or another.

People in Canada have come up with several efficient ways in which they offer portals for people to fulfil their social responsibility. Listed here are some prominent initiatives in Canada that have garnered international attention.

The Growing Gap

There is and ever expanding income gap between the rich and poor in Canada. This gap has been getting bigger every year, with no control mechanism of failsafe in place.

The team at the Growing Gap works hand in hand with researchers and economists places across Canada. They strive to document the problem, reduce it into analysable data and suggest plausible solutions that will help achieve a more fair society.

Making Women Count

This is a fairly new project. The gender gap all over the world is increasing. This society specifically works on the analysis of the growing gap in the population of Canada. The size of Canada’s female population is very small. The people behind this organization offer practical solutions to bridge this gap. Alongside this, they also work towards the all-round well-being of women and girls in Canada, helping them attain their dreams despite being the minority.

Otesha’s Cycling Tours

Canada has a strong spirit of national volunteerism. However, we are also very open to bringing people into their fold. If you are a tourist visiting Canada and would like to volunteer or take part in a socially beneficial cause you will find a lot of opportunities. One of them was the Otesha’s Sustainability and Social Cycling.

As a part of a mobile community, they offered awareness programs on socially significant issues and aid in making lifelong friends. They are working towards a sustainable community one pedal at a time.

Senior Care Project

It concentrates on caring for the seniors in the Canadian community. It ensures that they can die in peace with dignity.  The program is unique in the sense that, it’s not just the seniors who are taken care of.

They also protect the rights and look after the well-being of the family members as well as the health care workers in the field. Due to this initiative, seniors get a certain control over the decisions regarding their life that they did not have before.

Which One Should You Support?

There are a good number of social initiatives on offer and you need to choose the one you feel is right for you.

Canada can serve as a role model in the way the entire community comes together to take care of each other. A lot of us can benefit from taking a close look at how things work on their side.

Charity In Canada – Organizations You Need To Know About

Canada is a land where community means everything. People rarely forget the path that they came from when they reach the heights of success. Giving back to the world is a value that is taught to every generation.

The young also witness several events and become a part of several initiatives that benefit the society as well as the environment. This helps them develop the sense of moral obligation from a very tender age.

The Top Volunteer Organizations You Can Contribute To

Looking to contribute towards organizations with the right social initiatives?  Let us take a look at a few volunteer organisations, charity events and social initiatives that have their roots in the soil of Canada.

Tides Canada

The most prominent name here is the Tides Canada Project. It is a common platform for a wide range of unique projects in Canada, all of which aim for social upliftment and environmental safety. Under one roof they combine information about over twenty five initiatives that are going on all over Canada.

This place is ideal for those who are looking to start out with doing something for the society. The entire organization is run by a group of strong dedicated people who have kept away their lives for helping those in need.

AIDS Free World

This is an initiative that has begun in Canada but looks to help the world at large. It is a response to the need for urgent action regarding HIV and AIDS. The initiative aims to raise awareness and increase the prevention of AIDS globally. They deal with eradicating the discrimination towards the people who are affected, increasing the availability of medication and erasing sexual violence.

Arctic Funders Collaborative

This is a support system for protecting the arctic ecosystems and maintaining environmental balance. They protect the culture and traditions of the indigenous people of the arctic. The funds are allotted to providing aid all across the artic.

Canadian Biotechnology Action Network

This community provides protection to the environment, health and food of all Canadians. It ensures that their livelihoods remain unaffected by the drastic changes that are overtaking our world. Genetic engineering and making of genetically modified organisms have been a topic of increased conversation since the commencement of the 21st century.

The CBAN mainly concentrates on the impact of GMO’s in food and farming. They make sure that the integrity of the environment is not lost in the quest for finding better food sources. They include many other organizations as well. Like the farmer associations, social justice organizations and international development of Canada.

Which One Should You Contribute To?

It totally depends on the cause you want to support more.

The entire nation of Canada takes the matter of social initiatives and voluntary activities very seriously. For the same reason, they have exceptionally well organised methods through which several activities and events are carried out. Most citizens are a part of one or more of these organisations, forming a united front for the betterment of the world.


Social injustice and poverty eradication

There are many social justice and poverty organizations all over the globe. These organizations make sure that the people contacting them are given the best opportunities so that the gap could be eliminated. Not all parts of the society face such issues so there is definitely a difference. Even the advanced societies of the West face this dilemma let alone third world countries. The organizations make sure that the underprivileged sections of the society get a sense of hope. For this, they take every possible measure to curb the social injustice and poverty in every possible manner. Some organizations with global reach determined to eliminate poverty completely are:

Charity Village

There are many subsidiary organizations which are working in close connection with this one. The main aim is to make sure that every disadvantaged sector of society is supported. From home construction in West Africa to poverty elimination in the Central African Republic the organization has worked very well in close connection with the links it has. The best part is that there is a 24/7 support provided by the organization and the people linked are spread all over the world. It also provides the legal support which is needed by such people in all parts of the world. In fact, many entertaining establishments support charity funds.

Center for Social Justice

Another organization with global reach makes sure that the people get the minimum standard of living they deserve. Narrowing the gap of wealth and prosperity is the main aim of this awesome organization. The best part of this organization is that it researches the overall means that are necessary to bring social justice in the world economy. Peace and prosperity are other factors which are emphasized. Created in 1997 this organization has worked in the best manner to eliminate the social issues that have caused problems for many.


Based in Canada ACORN has led many to change their lives for good. For low and moderate Canadian families this organization was a boon and therefore it had national support. With joint efforts and resource pooling, this organization aimed to eliminate the poverty and social injustice in a manner that an active work stream is created for disadvantaged. ACORN is respected by every other reputed organization for its work that had been done to get involved in community welfare. Making country strong by indulging the poverty-hit sections is another aim of the society for which it had been working rigorously.

Against Hunger

This society works in a manner that people get used to their support. Tens of thousands have been supported by this stunning organization and it has been working since then to leave a mark very positively. Restaurants and hotels from all over the world join hands with this organization to eliminate hunger in every possible manner. Feature dishes are offered and $ 1 is donated per dish to the organization. With a huge staff of 7000 and reach over 6 continents the organization plans on making the world a hunger-free place.