The Helping Hand – The Top Social Initiatives in Canada

No matter which corner of the world you are born in, it is the responsibility of every human to extend a helping hand when they see a person in need. Even if all of us cannot do the same thing, it is possible for all of us to help in some small way or another.

People in Canada have come up with several efficient ways in which they offer portals for people to fulfil their social responsibility. Listed here are some prominent initiatives in Canada that have garnered international attention.

The Growing Gap

There is and ever expanding income gap between the rich and poor in Canada. This gap has been getting bigger every year, with no control mechanism of failsafe in place.

The team at the Growing Gap works hand in hand with researchers and economists places across Canada. They strive to document the problem, reduce it into analysable data and suggest plausible solutions that will help achieve a more fair society.

Making Women Count

This is a fairly new project. The gender gap all over the world is increasing. This society specifically works on the analysis of the growing gap in the population of Canada. The size of Canada’s female population is very small. The people behind this organization offer practical solutions to bridge this gap. Alongside this, they also work towards the all-round well-being of women and girls in Canada, helping them attain their dreams despite being the minority.

Otesha’s Cycling Tours

Canada has a strong spirit of national volunteerism. However, we are also very open to bringing people into their fold. If you are a tourist visiting Canada and would like to volunteer or take part in a socially beneficial cause you will find a lot of opportunities. One of them was the Otesha’s Sustainability and Social Cycling.

As a part of a mobile community, they offered awareness programs on socially significant issues and aid in making lifelong friends. They are working towards a sustainable community one pedal at a time.

Senior Care Project

It concentrates on caring for the seniors in the Canadian community. It ensures that they can die in peace with dignity.  The program is unique in the sense that, it’s not just the seniors who are taken care of.

They also protect the rights and look after the well-being of the family members as well as the health care workers in the field. Due to this initiative, seniors get a certain control over the decisions regarding their life that they did not have before.

Which One Should You Support?

There are a good number of social initiatives on offer and you need to choose the one you feel is right for you.

Canada can serve as a role model in the way the entire community comes together to take care of each other. A lot of us can benefit from taking a close look at how things work on their side.

Charity In Canada – Organizations You Need To Know About

Canada is a land where community means everything. People rarely forget the path that they came from when they reach the heights of success. Giving back to the world is a value that is taught to every generation.

The young also witness several events and become a part of several initiatives that benefit the society as well as the environment. This helps them develop the sense of moral obligation from a very tender age.

The Top Volunteer Organizations You Can Contribute To

Looking to contribute towards organizations with the right social initiatives?  Let us take a look at a few volunteer organisations, charity events and social initiatives that have their roots in the soil of Canada.

Tides Canada

The most prominent name here is the Tides Canada Project. It is a common platform for a wide range of unique projects in Canada, all of which aim for social upliftment and environmental safety. Under one roof they combine information about over twenty five initiatives that are going on all over Canada.

This place is ideal for those who are looking to start out with doing something for the society. The entire organization is run by a group of strong dedicated people who have kept away their lives for helping those in need.

AIDS Free World

This is an initiative that has begun in Canada but looks to help the world at large. It is a response to the need for urgent action regarding HIV and AIDS. The initiative aims to raise awareness and increase the prevention of AIDS globally. They deal with eradicating the discrimination towards the people who are affected, increasing the availability of medication and erasing sexual violence.

Arctic Funders Collaborative

This is a support system for protecting the arctic ecosystems and maintaining environmental balance. They protect the culture and traditions of the indigenous people of the arctic. The funds are allotted to providing aid all across the artic.

Canadian Biotechnology Action Network

This community provides protection to the environment, health and food of all Canadians. It ensures that their livelihoods remain unaffected by the drastic changes that are overtaking our world. Genetic engineering and making of genetically modified organisms have been a topic of increased conversation since the commencement of the 21st century.

The CBAN mainly concentrates on the impact of GMO’s in food and farming. They make sure that the integrity of the environment is not lost in the quest for finding better food sources. They include many other organizations as well. Like the farmer associations, social justice organizations and international development of Canada.

Which One Should You Contribute To?

It totally depends on the cause you want to support more.

The entire nation of Canada takes the matter of social initiatives and voluntary activities very seriously. For the same reason, they have exceptionally well organised methods through which several activities and events are carried out. Most citizens are a part of one or more of these organisations, forming a united front for the betterment of the world.